Tunisian Merchant Marine and Ports Othority has started several major projects which aim to protect the ports,strengthen the security and safety,dredging the basins and the entrance channel, maintain the port equipments(wharfs,surface...), connect the ports with the road transport network and strengthen the enlight in ports.


The ICIC Company (International Company for Inspection & Consulting) is an independent company based in Tunisia and operating worldwide and specialized in maritime expertise & cargo survey.

Fast, flexible and around the clock and with our professional team of master mariners and cargo surveyors we offer to our partners the Most Comprehensive and Professional Marine Surveys available, with professional Service and Competitive Rates.

Our services are sought by shipowners, operators, traders, underwriters and any interesting party on all matters concerning marine cargo, safe transportation, loss prevention and claims on ships, cargo and its related activities.

To each type of survey, we ensure that relevant inspection standards are maintained,backed up by professional team of surveyors, who already get used to conduct such inspection.

Our network within,Algeria,Tunisia,Libya & Egypt, where our surveyors duly attend at site & concerned ports,whatever the situation can meet your needs